You are reading Stu and Em’s blog and we will be bringing all you travelers and aspiring travelers out there the best bits from our adventures in South America and Cuba. It is a three month journey that will take us from the salsa beats of Havana, to the heights of the Andes and down the Amazon River. We will dance on the salt-flats in Bolivia and float on Lake Titicaca before we hit the southern most tip of Patagonia and tango the night away in Buenos Aires.

Along the way we will be hopping on some fantastic Intrepid Travel trips and we are lucky enough to be bringing you our experiences via this blog, as well as the Intrepid Express newsletter so stay tuned for some real life experiences.

We will also be filming hours of footage from our journey so you will also hear plenty about the trials and tribulations of documenting our travels on camera.

See you out there!

Em and Stu


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi there,
    Great to read of your travels. I am going to Cuba later in the year and wondered what currency you would recommend taking. I was aware of the no Oz dollar thing, am aware of the penalties on changing $US and I also believe ATM’s are non existent.
    How are you getting by with these things?
    Looking forward to further posts,

    • Hi there Tony,

      I would recommend Euros as the rate seems to be the best. There is an 11% tax on US dollars and becomes very expensive if converting to US from Aussie and then to CUC. We have not needed to use any ATMs as there are bank outlets readily available. I dont fancy having my card chewed by one either!! If you take out a few hundred at a time it seems to work quite well, you just need to plan ahead a bit. Unless you have a Euro bank account you, you will be buying USD at some stage once your Euros run out. They accept Visa everywhere so I would make sure you have a Visa debit before you go because you don´t want to be taking out cash on a credit card! Beware, it can all get quite expensive when compared to South America.

      Hope this helps. Safe travels.


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