Dancing Over the Finish Line

So , like all good things, big adventures eventually come to an end. Stu and I are fast approaching the finish line of our fantastic adventure, but before we go, I have a few more things to tell you about.

We are back in Buenos Aires now and had a great last few days with our Intrepid group. Tango runs in the veins of this beautiful city and we were all lucky enough to have seen a fantastic show, which is a must when visiting. If you can, try to find a show with an included dance class which helps give you more of an appreciation of the art form, and allows you to say you learned to Tango in Buenos Aires!

Complejo Tango, Buenos Aires

Stu turned out to be a bit of a natural at Tango (must be to do with male pride) and we both decided to continue classes whilst we are here. Its great fun and very sensual to dance when done properly. The teacher was fantastic and hugely enthusiastic so if you are in BA and want a great experience, Complejo Tango (www.complejotango.com.ar) is highly recommended. The show was spectacular but in an intimate setting, with the performers mingling amongst diners.

Tango show, Buenos Aires

If you are lucky, (or unlucky depending on your point of view) you might even be plucked from your chair to dance in the isles, or be serenaded by an Argentinian Tony Bennett look-alike in a white suit. Brilliant!

The next day we headed out to San Telmo markets, another must not miss in this brilliant city.

San Telmo Antiques Market, Buenos Aires

It is on every sunday in Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo and is a treasure hunter’s mecca. Antiques, arts and crafts are ripe for the picking, with the some of the greatest and most unique items from the old-world available for very reasonable prices. Anything from jewelery, to ivory handled knives, to pinhole cameras and vintage lace are available at this once-off market.

San Telmo Antiques Market, Buenos Aires

You could spent all day perusing the display tables and speaking with stallholders who are very knowledgeable about the origin of their wares.

So now we are settled into our rooftop apartment in San Telmo which boasts a dinky old kitchen and a somewhat hazardous terrace but has great views over the city. This will be our home for the next week until we fly back down-under.

Rooftop Terrace, Buenos Aires

There is still so much to see here and we have plans to hire bikes and cruise around on one of the perfect clear days that seem to be endless here. A trip to Palermo Viejo is on the cards for a spot of boutique shopping and cocktail drinking (not to mention steak eating). We will call in on Eva Peron who lies in the huge cemetery in Recoleta and browse the weekend handicraft markets in the ajoining square. We will put away anything that can be snatched or stolen and walk the Caminito in La Boca for a look at this lively blue-collar suburb and maybe catch a La Boca Juniors game (soccer, obviously) if we are lucky.

Anyway, it has been a pleasure traveling with all of you and I hope the blog has been an enjoyable read. If you have any questions you need answered about any of the places we have been to please drop us a line at emily@stemmedia.com.au or leave a comment on the blog.

Happy travels!!

Em and Stu xoxo


2 responses to “Dancing Over the Finish Line

  1. Your blog about Argentina and Chile have brought back some good memories of my trip there covering the same areas last November / December. Also parts of the Peru trip have good memories. A wonderful continent.

  2. That’s enough galavanting around South America. Time to come home and do some work. Great blog guys, time for some ‘delicious snacks’ to reward the effort.

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