Penguins and other creatures

So I can now say that I have officially been to the end of the world! Ushuaia is the southern most city in the world and I have the stamp in my passport to prove it. It is the base for excursions to Antarctica and lies on the windy and very chilly Beagle Channel. It is a place where there is a cozy fire behind every door and good food and cheer are bountiful.

Beagle Channel

A trip out onto the channel saw us come face to face with sea lions, basking in the morning sun and colonies of sea birds battling the arctic winds. We also ventured to a nearby island which is home to two types of penguins and where visitors can come to within meters of the thousands strong colony.

Magellanic Penguins, Patagonia

The still fluffy chicks hide in the nesting area to escape the bitterly cold wind that makes any more than an hour unbearable to us mere humans.

Young Magellanic Penguins, Patagonia

The next day our group split up for some optional activities which include hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and horse riding. Of course, I found myself on the back of a Criollo pony riding high above the town which is surrounded by snow capped mountains.

Riding, Ushuaia

We galloped around the side of the hill and rounded the corner to a spectacular view over the channel and beyond to the snow capped peaks of Chile. Tears were whipped from my eyes in the wind and a felt truly lucky to have such a great experience on such a beautiful day.

The rest of the afternoon was spent soaking in a hot bath, browsing the towns stores and drinking hot chocolate.

Main street of Ushuaia

Stu arrived back late from his fly-fishing trip, equally excited about the day and we both agreed that this was definitely a place to come back to one day.

We are now back in Buenos Aires in the near 30 degree heat and Stu has already bought himself a pair of fancy cowboy boots which he is very pleased with. Tonight we celebrate the last night with our Intrepid group with a tango lesson followed by a show which promises to be a great Argentinian experience. I will keep you posted!

See ya

Em and Stu xo


One response to “Penguins and other creatures

  1. The adventure continues…. It must be wonderful to get so close to penguins – they look so charming and endearing. Glad to see you on horseback again – what a way to enjoy the environment. From Patagonia to tango lessons in B.A. – wow – there must be some photos of you and Stu burning up the dance floor… I’ll look out for them.

    Lots of love

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