Packed and ready…

Ok, so all the gear has been painstakingly packed and we are ready to go. Now all we need  is a good night’s sleep and to stuff our toothbrushes in tomorrow morning. We decided to make a little film of us packing which we plan to run in fast motion with a voice over when we return for the benefit of all you Intrepid travelers… I have to say the 37 degree heat didn’t help the process!

Filming packing - roof acrobatics

Job done

Lots of stuff...!


3 responses to “Packed and ready…

  1. Hannah Griffiths

    Heya guys,

    Pete’s sister Millie and her friend are backpacking around South America at the moment – they literally left a week ago and I was helping Millie pack, so, I can kind of empathise with the limited packing space!

    It sounds like you guys are going to have a fantastic time, such an adventure!

    And Em, I look forward to meeting you when you guys get back – heard lots of great things about you!

    I look forward to hearing all your amazing stories on your journey:)

    Take care guys,

    Han and Pete xx

  2. Stuffing stuff is a bit like fitting a square peg into a round hole!

  3. I know its only been a few days but how are you going and where the hell are you?
    Cheers Hawk

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