The checklist

A checklist is a travelers best friend. My desk is scattered with them… including the one I made at 4am this morning. It is one thing packing for a trip, but it is a whole other story when you add camera equipment into the equation. I have never seen so many chargers in my life for starters, and don’t even get me started on converter plugs! Every country we are going to uses European plugs, except Bolivia. Apparently they decided it would be more logical to use U.S. plugs… Annoying to say the least!

So I have put together a travel journo’s checklist for camera equipment… for my peace of mind and yours!

The video-journo's checklist


1 x Sony A1 camera

1 x tripod with fluid head (nice for those long pans)

2 x large Sony batteries (up 16 hours of use)

1 x small Sony battery

1 x dual charger with cigarette lighter attachment

2 x European plugs

2 x U.S. plugs

1 x wireless microphone (two would be ideal but costs prohibit)

1 x audio cable (to use camera mic as a hand-held mic)

10 x spare AA batteries for microphone

30 x 1 hour mini DV tapes

1 x head cleaning tape (shouldn’t need it on a new camera but just in case)

1 x camera remote

The Sony A1

1 x UV filter

1 x polarizing filter

1 x head phones

1 x book of lens cleaning tissue

1 x bottle of cleaning fluid

1 x 8 gigabyte USB stick

1 x 10″ Acer Notebook and charger  (so I can check in with you)

1 x camera raincoat

1 x electrical or gaffa tape (you never know!)


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