Last days…

Now it’s getting down to the wire! “The last time” is becoming a bit of a theme for me at work and saying goodbye to people is never fun, especially when you have had the honour of working with such great people like those in the Sky newsroom.

I have hit the sales in search of sturdy walking shoes and comfy clothing for those long walks and even longer bus rides. The iPod is full of audio books and I look forward to hearing about the tales of other adventurers and unravelling the mysteries of Stieg Larsson’s latest murder mystery. The first aid kit is ready for any mishaps and I have stocked up on malaria tablets (the expensive ones that apparently don’t make you feel sick… here’s hoping).

A few more lose ends to tie-up before lift off on Monday, but I am pretty organised I think…. despite the fact that I keep waking up in the middle of the night with something as irrelevant as ‘don’t forget to buy the small tubes of toothpaste’ burning in my mind.

Until next time



One response to “Last days…

  1. Buen viaje!! When we moved to South America from Australia some 15 years ago, my husband reassured me (then a non-Spanish speaker) that all I needed to know were two phrases …”Una cerveza por favor” and “Donde estan los banos?” That pretty much did it. Got along fine. Pack those lines and whoever you are having a beer with will point out where to buy the small tubes of toothpaste. Enjoy Em and Stuart. Wish I could fit in your backpacks.

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